External Evaluation

With the release of the 21st CCLC FY 2015 Grant Mark ExApplication, 

a newly required component for effective programmatic implementation

is the utilization of an External Evaluator.  The guidance, information,

document templates are contained below.





Brief overview of the external evaluation component that is required for Cohort 11 and optional for previous Cohorts. This presentation covers topics related to creating a logic model, the difference between an evaluation and a monitoring, who can be an external evaluator, and what is required of your chosen evaluator.

External Evaluation Training Nov 2 2017.pdf


Informational Guidelines


These guidelines provide in-depth information regarding the external evaluation process. Including: thorough explanation of the logic model purpose and construction, qualifications of the external evaluator, compensation, timelines, and deliverables. Please note, the dates indicated on the timeline are subject to change. 

Program Evaluation Packet.docx


Step-by-Step Guide


This document lists some essential steps you should be considering when searching for your evaluator.



Sample External Evaluator Recruitment Email/Letter


This is a sample email/letter that may be used when making initial contact with potential evaluators.



Possible Candidates


Included here is a brief list of a cursory search for possible Evaluator Candidates in Alabama. The Truman Pierce Institute of Auburn University nor the Alabama Afterschool Community Network do not sanction nor endorse anyone on this list. Thorough research and a vetting process must be employed by the Grantee prior to contracting with the individual or entity.



External Evaluator Job Description and Contractual Agreement (Both are in Word format, so grantees may adapt the documents for their use.)


These sample documents may be used when searching for and hiring your External Evaluator, and adapted accordingly. However, please ensure the following clauses are included regardless of your needed revisions:

  • Copyright and Publications: This ensures that your evaluator will not be able to use your programs data for any other purpose besides what is listed in his or her contract. You do  not want your data in an article or presentation that you were not aware was being published. This ensures that the evaluator understands that the data belongs to the program and not to them.
  • Access to Data and Rights of Human Subjects: This is to ensure your evaluator keeps all data confidential and adheres to FERPA regulations.
  • Deliverables: Please be sure to list the required reports and respective due dates in the contract. Be sure that the due dates are at least 2-3 weeks before these reports are due to the ALSDE, as you will need time to review before the final submission. 



Evaluator Contract Template.docx

Final report template



2016_2017 Final Report Template FINAL.docx

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