The Alabama Afterschool Community Network (ALACN) is an initiative of the Truman Pierce Institute of the College of Education at Auburn University. The Truman Pierce Institute was chartered by Alabama’s Governor and the Auburn University President in 1982, for educational work focused on ways to improve schools and communities by creating partnerships, conducting research, and providing programs to meet the needs of schools and communities.  Truman Pierce Institute (TPI) has long term and ongoing relationships with a variety of state agencies, educational groups, and policy makers across the state. 

ALACN works in collaboration with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Alabama 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and the Alabama Community Education Association (ACEA)

The Governing Advisory Board of the Alabama Afterschool Community Network (ALACN) abides under the authority and auspice of the Truman Pierce Institute. The Board is responsible for leadership, policy direction, coordination, and oversight to the Steering Committee, Network Leadership, and Network participants. Its supervision and decision-making capabilities dictate the overall direction of the Network’s actions.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of a cross-representation of various state agencies, program directors, community members, and individuals with a vested interest in the success of Alabama’a Out-of-School programming endeavors.  ALACN endeavors to maintain an inclusive Steering Committee membership reflective of the organizations, children, and families we seek to serve throughout Alabama.



Current Representation:

  • Auburn University – Truman Pierce Institute of the College of Education
  • Alabama State Department of Education
  • Alabama Department of Human Resources
  • Alabama Department of Public Health
  • Alabama Community Education Association
  • Jefferson State Community College
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grantees
  • Community and Faith – based Organizations of North and Central Alabama
  • YMCA of Montgomery



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