ACEA 2015 Conference and STEM Business Forum

To maintain accessibility to the instructions regarding ACEA PLU Credit, the ACEA 2015 Conference page has been moved to the Recent News posting of the site.

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For those who attended this year’s conference, instructions for PLU Credit may be accessed below.

Additionally, when received from the various speakers, presentations and information from the General and Breakout Sessions will be housed here.

PLU Credit
As stated during the ACEA Conference, the majority of the requirements are that which you are currently doing or should be implementing to ensure programmatic success.
  • You have already begun the step-by-step progressive plan by submitting your ACEA Conference Evaluation Form
  • To continue the process, you will need to access the – STI-PD Portal.
  • If you do not already have an assigned Username and Password, it will be necessary to obtain access through your local LEA STI-PD System Administrator or local PD Manager. 
  • You may enroll yourself or request that your local administrator do this for you.
Once access to the STI-PD is established and log-in has occurred, follow the instructions below:
  • From the Log-in Dashboard – Click on PD Titles Tab
  • Click Search the PD Title Catalog link
  • To the left – Select your local LEA 
  • In PD Title – Enter Alabama Community Education Association (ACEA)
    • (To the right of the page, you may also enter PLUACLD340 in the PD Title Number Blank)
  • The PLU will then populate the page (Scroll down.)
  • The details of the Professional Learning Study are included in the text box.  In the right hand corner of the ACEA – PLUACLD340 text block is a tab for “List.”
  • Click “List” – (Hint – either open in New Tab or turn off Pop-up blocker.)
  • In the new “List” window – Scroll down…..Click “Enroll Now
There are Seven (7) Step-by-Step Progressive Activities/Objectives which must be accomplished and corresponding verification documentation remitted to –  With the exception of the first Activity Due May 1, 2015 – Registrants have until December 1, 2015, for the completion of all other Activities/Objectives.

Bulleted below are the required Activities/Objectives. Within the STI-PD Online System are the Plan of Action and
Methodologies for each.
  1. Activity/Objective 1 – Attend the Alabama Community Education Association Annual Conference 2015 – Evaluation Form submitted at Conference and Reflection Assignment is due May 1, 2015.
  2. Activity/Objective 2 – Develop and design a persuasive presentation in support of Out-of-School initiatives and Community Engagement
  3. Activity/Objective 3 – Establish one to two NEW community partnerships that have previously not been identified or defined
  4. Activity/Objective 4 – Conduct a Staff and Stakeholder Meeting/Forum
  5. Activity/Objective 5 – Establish contact with local area leadership who have the ability to influence change and move educational agendas toward strategic community improvements and engagement, and increased Out-of-School opportunities for students and families
  6. Activity/Objective 6 – Planning and Hosting a Community-wide Event focused on Out-of-School Efforts and Community Engagement
  7. Activity/Objective 7 – Out-of-School STEM engagement opportunities to expand student interests in Career options and further our state’s Workforce Development

If you have questions regarding any of this information or throughout the entirety of the process, please do not hesitate to – let us know.

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