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Participation in Summer learning programs has increased. However, the demand is still great and more must be done to meet the increasing need. You may also view the statistical data, both National and specific to Alabama, by clicking the link to the left. Below, you may review highlights of the report, access additional documentation and connect with the USDA Summer Meals Program – “Break for a Plate.”


Though this video was produced several years ago, the dynamics of “Summer learning loss” or the “Summer Slide”

are still applicable and relevant today.


For information on how to keep children safe, healthy, and engaged in learning during the summer, please visit the



The Wallace Foundation Summer Learning Toolkit


National Summer Learning Association.

Summer ByThe Numbers 2019.pdf


Summer Learning Tips

Summer Learning Tip Sheet for Parents - Email Version.pdf


The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), in collaboration with the White House, Civic Nation and U.S. Department of Education recently released this Funding Resource Guide to help state and local leaders identify the most promising funding streams to support summer opportunities.



Summer Fast Facts Sheet


The importance of Summer learning cannot be underestimated and can be a significant key to student acceleration and achievement. Please take the time to review the report below.

The Importance of Summer Learning.pdf


To explore options regarding possible funding opportunities in support of Summer learning programs, we have included a report developed by the National Summer Learning Association.


Summer Learning - State Education Agency Playbook 2019.pdf



During the summer months, many children will face tremendous challenges related to hunger and the lack of access to essential meals. Break for a Plate is a Summer Food Service Program created to ensure all Alabama children can continue to receive nutritious meals throughout their summer vacation. Break for a Plate offers two free meals each day to kids and teens up to 18 years of age. Explore the links below to learn more.


Summer-Nutrition-and-Enrichment-Programs 2019.pdf

Break for the Platesfsp







Learn how to engage individuals, policymakers, and stakeholders in your local area.

Mayors Play Book for Summer Learning.pdf


For your convenience and to assist you with spreading the word about the importance of Summer Learning, we have included the infographics below for downloading. If needed in another format, please let us know.


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