Academic Enrichment

Aligning with the Regular School Day

It has never been more imperative for Out-of-School programs to substantiate and confirm their significant contribution to student success through innovative and life enriching activities.  As we align our programs’ efforts with that of the regular school day, student academic achievement and family involvement can be exponentially increased and improved.

The very atmosphere of Out-of-School programming lends itself to greater creativity and ingenuity.  With a wide variety of fun, imaginative, and enjoyable means, students are exposed to deeper levels of learning and engagement.

If implemented through deliberate and strategic methods, Out-of-School programs can and should link their endeavors to that which students encounter in the school day classroom.

The Alabama State Board of Education and the Alabama State Department of Education are making tremendous strides toward deepening student interaction with their own learning process.  Below you will find links to both Alabama Plan 2020 and the Alabama College- and Career-Ready Standards.


With a comprehensive and extensive road map before us (See the links above.), let’s refer to a phenomenal resource to help us along the journey. ALEX, a project of the Alabama Department of Education, is designed to index and share many types of educational materials and information through a time-saving, one-stop resource for educators, parents, and students.  The majority of these rich resources (lesson plans, Web links, and interactive activities) are located and connected to the Alabama Courses of Study by National Board Certified Teachers.  The ideas and opportunities made readily available through ALEX enable Out-of-School program staff to utilize and implement a wealth of activities that enhance school day learning.  There you will find a veritable treasure of inventive strategies that are categorized by grade level and subject matter, and are aligned with Alabama’s Courses of Study.



Alabama College and Career Ready Standards

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