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Expanding Minds and OpportunitiesIncreasing research and statistical data substantiate the importance and validity of Out-of-School learning, as it complements and enhances school day learning.  Quality program offerings afford students and families with enriching, engaging activities that support academics and family involvement.


Expanding Minds and Opportunities – Terry K. Peterson, Ph.D., Executive Editor – is a compendium of studies, reports and commentaries by more than 100 community leaders, elected officials, educators, researchers, advocates and other prominent authors in support of Out-of-School learning and engagement opportunities.  The link to the left gives programs access to either download or purchase the document in its entirety.


 Additional Research and Resources in support of Expanded Learning Opportunities

The Finance Project – Extended Learning Time: Research and Resources 

The Finance Project

Families and Expanded Learning Opportunities: Working Together to Support Children’s Learning


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