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The Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition (Coalition) Shade Structure Grant Program awards grants to public schools for installing permanent shade structures for outdoor locations that are not protected from the sun, such as playgrounds or recreation spaces. Each shade structure grant is valued at a maximum of $15,000, which includes the cost for a shade structure and installation. The number of grants depends on the availability of funding each year. In addition to the grant, the Coalition also provides a permanent sign near the shade structure, and will facilitate a school assembly (date TBD by the recipient school) after installation of the structure. All applications must be submitted by May 1, 2019.


The Coalition’s Shade Structure Grant Program is open to public schools that provide services, programs and curricula to children and teenagers who are 18 and younger. Examples of outdoor locations that are eligible for grant funds can include, but are not limited to, playgrounds, playground equipment, ball field dugouts, eating areas, etc.

To be considered, applicants must:
• Be a public school
• Provide services for children ages 18 and younger
• Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sun-safety/skin cancer awareness within their organizations by teaching sun-safety in the classrooms, practicing healthy sun habits while outside and making a commitment to educating the youth on the dangers of UV rays and prevention of skin cancer.
• Be recommended by an active Coalition member
•Must have a documented need for a shade structure.


A shade structure is defined as being a permanent structure with a roof made of protective materials, such as textile, fabric, metal or wood, and supported by permanent columns or posts. Grant recipients are able to select the size and type of the structure that best fits their outdoor location and meets the shade structure criteria.

The manufacturer or contractor must design and install a shade structure that meets the following criteria:
• The shade structure must be a permanent structure with a roof constructed of shade cloth, metal or wood and provide significant protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

Cloth/Textile roof structures:
• Shade cloth or roof structures must include documentation about the percentage of UVR that will be blocked by the fabric or the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).
• The Coalition recommends fabric that provides a UPF of 30 or above, which is approximately 96.7% of UVR blocked.
• If a UPF value cannot be determined for the fabric style and color you have selected, you will be asked to choose a shade structure roof material which blocks a percentage of UVR closest to this recommended percentage.
• Grant recipients must provide the manufacturer’s specification documents showing the UVR-blocking properties and test method. The AAD recommends that shade cloth meet U.S. standards for UPF testing and labeling of UV–protective textiles (AATCC 183; ASTEM D6603).

Hard-top roof structures:
• Hard-top roof structures, either wood or metal, will block 100% of direct UVR and do not require documentation about the UVR blockage.

If the shade structure that your organization is considering does not meet the criteria above, please do not complete an application. Examples of ineligible shade structures include: slat-roof structures, slat-roof/trellis gazebos, trellis roofs designed for future plant coverage, shade trees, small cap-roof structures for pieces of playground equipment. Structures covering the entire playground area are permissible.

Applicants must submit their application through a sponsoring Coalition member applying for a shade structure grant. Mailed submissions will not be considered.


The following items must be submitted when applying for a shade structure grant:
• Shade Structure Grant Program application, which in an essay form, a description of your sun-safety program will be described. Please include the number of children that will be impacted by the installation of the shade structure, any plans for future construction in the area the shade structure will be installed, a description of the area that includes access points for large equipment, a summary of past property vandalism (if any), and the estimated date you would like to have the structure installed.

Additional items to be included along with your essay:
• Two (2) full-color photographs of the area to be shaded.
• Coalition member letter of recommendation. PLEASE NOTE: If you are awarded a grant you must have your structure installed by the deadline date (Date TBD), otherwise you will forfeit your grant award.


Each shade structure application must be recommended by a Coalition member. The recommending member can be from your city or surrounding area. Members are able to recommend more than one

shade structure application. There is no financial obligation, or liability by a Coalition member recommending a shade structure application.

The Coalition member must provide one letter of recommendation.

The letter should:
• Be placed on the Coalition member’s organization letterhead
• Include the sponsoring member’s signature
• Be written by the sponsoring member
• Include how he/she knows your school/organization.
• Describe what he/she knows about your school/organization’s current sun-safety/skin cancer awareness program, including his/her participation in such programs.
• Describe how he/she will be working with your school/organization in the future.
• Provide information about the area to be shaded, including whether or not he/she has visited the location.
• Include any additional information he/she would like to include about your school/organization, its sun-safety/skin cancer awareness program and/or your organization’s need for shade.


For additional information about the Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition, or to join the Coalition, please visit

Any questions regarding eligibility, structure types, fabric approval, or to find your nearest Coalition member, please email Carol Garrett at or Jasmine Abner at

The information above is available for downloaded by clicking the link below.