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The following links are provided for Professional Development opportunities specific to Out-of-School programs.








As a service to our state’s Out-of-School programs, ALACN seeks to provide resources and tools to assist with professional and life-skill development opportunities for staff, students, parents, and families.


Though the below links are provided for such purposes, ALACN does not endorse any of the organizations, and has no professional affiliation with any of those listed.


Goodwill Community Foundation                                                                        Free Online Developmental Courses

(Free Microsoft Suite Courses + More)







Disclaimer: As a service to our programs statewide, reference to various resources and tools are provided via our website. However, please be advised – selection and utilization of all related materials and/or information are at the discretion of each localized program. In accordance with Alabama Code of Ethics legislation, the Alabama Afterschool Community Network (ALACN), the Truman Pierce Institute of Auburn University, and the Alabama State Department of Education do not endorse nor recommend the use of a particular proprietary product or material above any other. The use or mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of ALACN nor imply our endorsement. 

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