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Quality Standards, nor expectations of any kind or in any arena, should not be developed nor implemented without the opportunities, tools, and resources made available through an ongoing infrastructure of Professional Development.

Therefore, with the release of the Alabama Afterschool Quality Standards, and in coordination with our state’s local state agencies and our national partners, ALACN will continue in its endeavors to provide as many opportunities to our children and programs as possible.

In addition to the online resources provided via our site, ALACN will be releasing a “living, ever-expanding” Catalogue of Resources aligned with the Quality Standards. The Catalogue is comprised of both virtual, online, and in-person trainings and PD opportunities. In the coming weeks, announcements regarding its release with the schedule of events will be forthcoming.





     Current Online Opportunities



Core Competencies

When reviewing and utilizing Alabama’s Afterschool Quality Standards, please also keep in mind these Core Competencies for the interviewing, hiring, and perpetual training of all programmatic staff.






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