STEM and AfterschoolIn today’s educational landscape, tremendous increased awareness regarding “all things STEM” has taken center stage, as the United States diligently endeavors to  prepare students for academic achievement and ultimate workforce success in what has become a highly competitive worldwide market.  
Out-of-school programming provides the ideal arena, as we provide academically enriching activities that support STEM school day learning while engaging students with creative, experiential, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Why is STEM so important in today’s educational landscape?


How does this relate to Alabama?

Below are current status reports regarding the demand for STEM initiatives in Alabama, and how Out-of-School can play a significant role in meeting the need.

Vital Signs - Change the Equation - Alabama.pdf

Alabama STEM Report Card 2016.pdf

STEM Interests

ACT - STEM Interest Alabama.pdf

The impact of STEM afterschool programs




STEM Resources




To assist programs with funding, various resources, and implementation methodologies, the Afterschool Alliance has developed informational  materials and a STEM toolkit. Change the Equation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, CEO-led initiative working to mobilize the business community to improve the quality of STEM learning in the United States.   In collaboration with the American Institutes for ResearchCTEq has generated STEM status reports for each state in the Union and materials for dissemination in promotion of better STEM implementation. 
Though the document below should be categorized under Funding Sources, since the information is directly related to STEM implementation, it is housed in both locations.



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