An initiative of The Hope Institute
under the direction of 
Ms. Liz Huntley, Attorney, Child Advocate, and Author


Partially funded through the generosity of
Mr. Charles Barkley, NBA Athletic Star

Initially, the Digital Platform/App will be piloted in five select markets within Alabama. To ensure conceptual accuracy for students that lead them toward career trajectory…….


We need YOUR voice! 


For the pilot process, we will be focusing on SIX “Galaxies” (Career Clusters) and their corresponding worlds (Individual Career Pathways).


We are seeking those who wish to participate in the creation of fun, engaging Content Development within the gaming experience of


Your knowledge (or the expertise of those you recommend) should be within the STEM Disciplines, as they relate to one or more of the “Galaxies.”

Remember, our goal is to create pathways for our students related to 

THEIR interests and desires!


Our Partners